Got a lot of great battles going on in the divisions should be one heck of a  race to the finals. Keep your cool and GOOD LUCK to all !!

Singles Pic's 2018

A conf. B conf. C conf. D conf. E conf. F conf.

G conf. H conf.

The Southern Tier Dart League's Annual Singles Tournament was held yesterday, Sunday, January 7th at the Binghamton Moose Club 1013 in Binghamton, New York.

Here are the results:

Conference A

1st place - Todd Knecht, Warren Center, PA
2nd place - Kevin Alger, Binghamton, NY
3rd place - Rick Mills, Jr., Endicott, NY

Conference B

1st place - Ahlpheh Wilson, Binghamton, NY
2nd place - Jordan Salisbury, Binghamton, NY

Conference C 

1st place - John Polkowski, Binghamton, NY
2nd place - Rich Andel, Binghamton, NY

Conference D

1st place - Tim Hurley, Endicott, NY
2nd place - Joe Mattia, Endicott, NY
3rd place - Charles Morrow, Owego, NY

Conference E 

1st place - Tom Cummings, Whitney Point, NY
2nd place - Austin Simon, Binghamton, NY
3rd place - Bob Snyder, Binghamton, NY
4th place - Nolan Tripp, Binghamton, NY 

Conference F

1st place - Gary Robbins, Johnson City, NY
2nd place - Bob Clinton, Binghamton, NY
3rd place - Randy Casper, Vestal, NY

Conference G

1st place - Jameson Spalik, Binghamton, NY
2nd place - Bill Fry, Binghamton, NY
3rd place - Kathryn Ford-Barnett, Binghamton, NY

Conference H

1st place - Justin Mullen, Binghamton, NY
2nd place - Brian DeVaul, Binghamton, NY
3rd place - Joe Perrine, Apalachin, NY

Thank you,
Kelly McCoy
League Secretary

Singles Pic's 2017

Classic 1st. Classic 2 nd. A 1st. A 2 nd. B 1st. & 2 nd. C 1st. C 2 nd. D 1st. & 2 nd. E 1st. E 2nd.  E 3rd. & 4th.

F 1st. & 2 nd. G 3rd



Some highlights may not appear here because of no pic's sheets, or I just missed it..... let me know if something's amiss & I'll correct it most expubidently   

and that's no sheet !!


Ok here we go with The STDL round-up hi's & lo's big shots and deadeye's if you hit it and mark it down and you or the other team takes a good picture of the sheet you will be listed here, if having done all these things and your not email me 


KENNY TAGGART, DENNIS DAVISON, ZAC SKINNER, Chris Ferris, Loren Limbert,Justin Kniffen, John Gober Jr., Ahlpheh Wilson, Rick Kuklish, Dave Jones, Jim Rezucha, Jim Decker, Ernie Goodrich Jr.,David Darrah

 9 Count

Joe Pickard, Gary Hall, Jon Lateer, Chris Moore, Albe Bodolus, John Gober, Dennis Davison, Joel Howland, Anthony Sura, Corey Simon, Kevin Alger(2)John Gober Jr., Marc Zacheis,Steve Marongelli, Shannon Liberty

 High In

Doug Faulkner - T60

 High Out

 John Gober Jr., Marc Zacheis T60


 Low Dart Games



Cricket Doubles – Anthony Sura & Joe Pickard (18 darts) 

Cricket Singles

Cricket Singles – Greg Smith (17 darts)


 Mike Slawta (13 darts)


Kenny Taggert & Eric Nichols - 11 darts


Joe Davis - 18 darts

601 Team Match