To all those who have passed on,
 gone but never forgotten,
these people have touched our lives
 through darts or friendship or relation,
 we will remember you in our hearts as well as on the line

Ken Walsh
Dan Camp
Tom Davy
Charlie Lloyd
Bob Parrigan
Glen Saeman
Tom Syron
Bob Atkinson
Jeff Allman
Charlie Pike
Chuck Hurliman
Bob Maraski
Amy Lateer
Bruce McIntyre
Ed Ross
Merle King
Dave Clemens
Bruce "Boomer" Smith
Bill Miller, Sr.
John Chordas
Mike "Hammy" Hammitt
Billy Slawta
Ren Jackson
John Andrews
Joan Drumm
Ed Millward
Rob Williams
Jim "Wags" Wagner
Klym Petryszyn
Neil Coon
Bill Dietzsch
Chris Diaz
Bill Prusik
Dominic "Dom" Smith
Craig Davis
Warren Drumm
Doug Lee
Ed Norton
Ken Bowman
Larry Kotula
Bill Cotillis
Ron Brzozowy
Tom Harvey
Jim Shaw
  presscon....xzUOw. facebook
Bill Dewey
Tommy Hill