2017-18 Charter

Southern Tier Dart League

P. O. Box 75 Binghamton, NY 13905

Phone # 607-217-5987


 The  teams consist of 4 shooters (may have more on roster) we play on Tuesday nights @ 7:00 we play cricket DBLS, 401 DBLS, 601 team match,  301 singles, 501 singles, or cricket singles,  the singles game is determined by the winner of the diddle or cork.

The STDL has been a southern tier tradition for 40 years we want to go on and on and on so tell your friends and family about us and the good times you have shooting darts in the league, the more shooters we have the better for all.

Thanks to : The President - Bob Lateer, Secretary - Kelly McCoy, VP - Gary Robbins, Treasurer - Maria Medina, and all the above board members and league reps, if you see any of these folks out and about buy them a drink and shake their hand for all they do to make the STDL what it is and will be in the future.

And finally a BIG  THANK YOU to all the league members, its all about you !!




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